Cambridge Day Trip

Cambridge is a beautiful spot to escape the rush of London. Only a 45 minute train ride from Kings Cross, you’re quickly transported back in time to a world of cobbled streets,  sandstone buildings and cyclists whizzing around the place. With a plethora of amazing architecture and fabulous cafes to choose from, below are some of my top picks to explore in Cambridge:

  •  Cambridge University – this one is difficult to miss as the university makes up such a large proportion of the town itself. Wandering around, you’ll stumble across one beautiful building after another, with the colleges dotted along the banks of the river Cam. September brings with it the rush of students but some of the colleges remain open to the public at certain times in the day and (for a small fee) you are able to explore the grounds too.

    Trinity College, Cambridge
  • Harriets Cafe Tearooms – a classic English tearoom that has a huge range of different teas, coffees and sweet treats. The afternoon teas look delightful, but if you’re on a slightly tighter budget, the cream tea is an excellent choice. Served with fresh scones, clotted cream and jam, it’ll certainly do the diet no favours!
  • Punting – one of the best ways to explore the colleges is by hiring a punt for the afternoon (weather permitting). Grab a picnic along with some prosecco, sit back  & relax while one of the master punters drifts you down the river Cam, telling you historical tales about Cambridge University along the way. Word of warning: they make it look terribly graceful but the art of not falling in the river whilst balancing at the end of a boat is one that I am yet to master.

Other spots to eat & drink

  1. Aromi – a family run Italian cafe that serves the most delicious pizza slices and home-made focaccias. There tends to be a short queue and with three cafes dotted around the centre of town, be sure to stop by in one of them as it’s definitely worth the wait.
  2. Varsity rooftop – found at the top of the Varsity hotel, it is a great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle  & enjoy a cocktail (or three). Overlooking the rooftops of Cambridge, you can soak up the sunshine or enjoy one of it’s brilliant sunset in the summer months.
  3. Galleria – with a split level balcony overlooking the river Cam on Magdalene street, this is a great place to have a drink or dinner, with a delicious menu of delicious risottos, linguine and fresh seafood dishes.
  4. The Mill – a lovely pub located on the river with a large area to sit on the grass watching the punts go by whilst enjoying a pint of your favourite beverage of choice.



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