Bula Bula Fiji

Welcome to my happy place.

The weather has officially changed here in England (following a pretty fabulous summer of heatwaves & long evenings). Snuggled up with a cuppa, watching the drizzly grey skies settle in, I thought I’d share a post about the tropical paradise that is Fiji.


Last year I had the incredible opportunity to work at Nadi Hospital, Fiji. It was so far from  anything I’d previously experienced. The thing that hits you from the moment you exit the plane (except for the heat) is the happiness that oozes out of everyone you meet. Being greeted with a huge smile & enthusiastic “Bula!” is something that quickly becomes the norm. Far from the frosty London greeting, it’s a change that made me smile every time it happened.


Fiji itself is made up by 332 islands, Viti Levu is the largest island where you’ll find it’s main international airport at Nadi airport. The Islands surrounding Fiji are the picture perfect postcards you’ve probably seen on the internet, but here are a few of my favourites from the time I was there.

Denarau Island

A small island found 10km from Nadi airport, here you’ll find all the resorts and a pretty amazing place to call home for the month I was working on the mainland. For many others, it’s a launching pad to the islands, as the ferries leave daily from the port.


Village life


If you have the opportunity to visit a village in Fiji – DO IT!

They tend to welcome you with a Kava ceremony – a drink made from the pepper plant that has mild narcotic effects and is meant to make you relaxed. The Fijians are known as some of the happiest people and they definitely lived up to the stereotype. They want you to love their country as much as they do & ,when it’s this beautiful, it’s hard not to.

Oolala Savala Island Day Trip


As I had to be based on the mainland whilst working at the hospital, day trips occupied my weekends. Getting out to the islands was high on my priority list, and this day trip was fabulous. We got to snorkel with hundreds of tropical fish, explore the coral reefs and relax on one of the tiniest islands surrounded by crystal clear waters.


Octopus Resort

Following a month of working in the hospital, I had the opportunity to travel the islands for a week. This meant that the more remote islands were possible to reach. First on the list, and probably my favourite spot, was Octopus Resort. I think the pictures speak for themselves with this one..



Manta Ray Island

Located near the manta ray feeding channel, this is the spot to head to if you fancy seeing these majestic creatures. Between May & October they swim the tropical waters. Once they are spotted by the resorts staff, you are whisked out on a speed boat, snorkel gear at the ready, to have the incredible opportunity of swimming with them.



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