48 hours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a long weekend away. With cheap (and ridiculously short) flights from London and something for everyone, it’s a pretty guaranteed winner. A lot of time was spent wandering around the cobbled streets, exploring the canals and art galleries rather than sticking to any strict itinerary. However, below are some of my favourite picks stumbled upon over the weekend:

  1. C.T. Coffee & Coconuts – set in a former cinema, with fabulously high ceilings, an abundance of hanging plants & bean bags scattered over the three floors. A great spot to go for brunch or take a break from wandering around for a coffee.
  2. Banksy & Andy Warhol exhibition – this is well worth visiting. The Moco Museum is near between the Rijksmuseum & Van Gogh Museum. The exhibition is running until 31st December (Banksy) & . With a brilliant collection of originals that have been rescued from buildings. Some of my favourites from the collection include the famous ‘Girl with balloon’ and ‘Bomb hugger’.
  3. Juuls – this has to be the highlight of my trip. A French Cuisine restaurant that serves from a set menu and changes on a regular basis. You choose your number of courses & let the lovely waitresses know if there is anything you dislike or are allergic to. That’s the decision making complete – sit back while they serve you every course paired with a variety of wines that complement the delicious food. The setting is incredibly romantic, with candles and chandeliers everywhere. Found slightly out of town, it is well worth the wander down the canals. l_0000106226-2.jpg

Other things not to miss include:

  • Ann Frank’s House – if you only have the weekend, make sure you book well in advance as the queues are ridiculously long and tickets are sold out a good few weeks in advance.
  • Van Gogh Museum & Rijksmuseum – another huge queue if tickets aren’t booked in advance but is well worth the visit.
  • IAMSTERDAM sign – join the other tourists, climb inside/ on top of a letter & take some instagram worthy snaps.
  • Bloemenmarkt – the only floating flower market in the world, with an abundance of bulbs to pick and choose from & runs parallel to a load of cheese shops.
  • Red Light District – even if it’s just wandering through it once to see what it’s all about.
  • Poffertjes’ – a dutch specialty pancake that taste pretty great covered in butter and sugar.
  • Coffee Shops – an optional stop as not everyone comes to Amsterdam to get high. The heavily commercialised Bull Dog coffee shops are found throughout the city, along with an abundance of others.






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